Please read this entire page for crucial information and things we think will help you:

We have seen an issue lately that is not our fault but is affecting the
backup process of the Microsoft database that Platinum uses.

Don't worry though, we have developed a solution; please read on.

Recently a Platinum customer's computer broke,
the backup was very old and they lost future appointments, making taking new bookings a problem.
Costing them money.

We are worried that you may also be affected and can't let it happen to you.

Please run the program we have written to check your backups are OK.
(A small fee for our efforts in putting this together is requested).

Please click 'Buy Now' below for peace of mind. You get an immediate fix to run.(Read the red text below first).

Buy Now

We recommend some sort of maintenance on the computer yearly to keep it working, especially coming up to Christmas/busy times.

It is a complete disaster if it fails when super busy and you can't book new appointments for fear of double booking (we have seen a lot of computers failing lately).
Note: If you take our computer clean-up service below(£100) it includes the mandatory fix above(£20 alone).