Platinum Customer Xperience Manager - Super Easy to use Intelligent Database and Tills
We create a different sort of software, super-easy to use, intelligent, wizard based, fantastic looking - .Net Windows Vista XAML .Net 3 (image Created in Acrylic Expression)
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You are losing customers and money and other businesses are stealing them


They are sending them special offers on their e-mail and mobile phone

Finding it hard to keep track of what's been happening in your business?

Paperwork getting you down?

Our super-simple system will save you hours of work

Dear fellow business enthusiast,

I'm a business owner just like you, but I know computers and they are crucial in making your life easier. Our Intelligent Tills and Customer Database are simply easy to use, we have no hidden setup costs and view supporting your needs as most important.

Please don't buy a complex, grey and boring, confusing system, you are wasting your precious time, and you will have a nightmare training new staff.

Make it easy on yourself with Platinum....simply easy to use.

Click here now to take a look at how simple our main menu is, we can't make it any easier to use.

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Don't be fooled, its simple, yes, but it has all the features of the over priced systems and just doesn't show them all at once.


Ask yourself these simple questions :-

  • Do I want more cash and do a lot less work for it ?

  • Do I want more leisure time or do I want to wade through stacks of papers every quarter

  • Do I want to fill up my quiet days with customers who have received totally automatic reminders to come back in?

    • Do I want to project a professional experience and "make the customer feel special" by sending out customised appointment reminders?

    • Do I want to retain my top staff by giving them access to training on the very best system or do I want the competition to give it to them?

    • How much money will I save by not paying an accountant any more?

    • Am I tired of seeing over priced, hard to use software and getting calls from pushy salespeople?

    • Do I want to settle on a product and suddenly find I have to pay for expensive basic setup too?

      For just over £1 a day bring ALL your past customers back - with Platinum Customer Xperience Manager ... style your future.

      At just 1.40 a day to lease or 249.75 (each month for 4 months) to buy it is totally affordable, most systems that are worth having are twice this.

      I've heard enough now can I have a free 60 day trial please ?

      Sorry, I am still not 100% convinced, tell me more amazing features !

      We care, we are based in the UK, a family business and care about UK businesses, we will tailor the system to you, if your accountant wants a report in a certain way, or you want an extra feature, tell us, its yours. Ask yourself would a USA or Australian company care so much ? (there may be a small cost involved)

      Platinum is intelligent, it asks you a question and you respond and click the "Next" picture button to continue. A simple step by step process that ANYONE can use.

      With big, colourful, obvious picture buttons to press on screen, your staff will not even need expensive training. It is super easy to setup, you can do it yourself, with a few clicks, this will save you again on expensive people coming to set up over complex systems.

      Do you feel locked in to one software package, as all your information is in there? We can take your key information out and put it into Platinum instead and relieve your frustrations.(there may be a small cost involved)

      Our system learns, don't pay for expensive 2 day setups, our system automatically learns what it needs to and automatically sets itself up and learns based upon how you use it.

      Expensive training is now obsolete, with our system you don't need training, don't pay more than you have to, but if you feel you need it we do of course do on-site training, for new employees, you also get a free training DVD for good measure.

      Let your customers book appointments, from anywhere, on their mobile phone's via an iBook link on your website.

      You can use our web reports to see how your business is doing second by second fully head office compatible, with stock control reports, you can connect from anywhere and alter any data in any of your sites.

      Voice recognition, with the proper clip on microphone you can talk to the system instead of typing.

      Don't pay for a system that costs you double or even triple for a head office version for Internet bookings or the ability to view reports on the Internet, you get it all with the standard package, one price, one complete best-of-breed system. You just pay per seat, no unfair and super inflated "head office version" costs.

      25% of employee's leave because they find software too hard to use and feel uncomfortable, not with ours, guaranteed.

      We do websites, organise your broadband, your computers and any computer help, we are your one-stop technology partner.

      Keep your business taking appointments 24 hours a day, how ?, click here now to read about iBook, our intelligent Internet booking system !

      Bring customers back, time and time again with Platinum Customer Xperience Manager... simply ea. You just pay per seat, no unfair and super inflated "head office version" costs.

      15% of existing employee's leave because they find new software too hard to use and feel uncomfortable, not with ours, guaranteed.

      k Alerts

      If your customer bought a certain type of product from you before, they get an e-mail and text message to say new stock is in, on the same day as your new stock is in, totally automatically.

      Send Thank You's

      The day they visit/buy from you they get an e-mail and text message thank you.

      Auction your Products

      Click here to see how to Auction off any of your products over the Internet directly from your website.

      Customer Loyalty Cards

      Give your customers a loyalty card and they can scan it as they buy and acrue points,

      you can then easily print marketing letters to send to them showing their points amount to keep them coming back to you.


      Welcome to the Platinum family !

From just over
£1 per day!












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